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Residential projects are special to each home and requires the utmost care to ensure our clients have a design that caters to their lifestyles.


These projects consists of:

//  New Build Designs

//  Creating As Built Floor Plans

//  Renovation Designs

//  Space Planning

//  Permit Design Drawing Sets

Project stoneybrook

Canton, GA

New build residential project with challenging sloped land that needed a design that would allow this new house to merge with the land. This project required collaboration with a civil engineer to ensure the house would have the proper septic system, proper drainage and a grading plan to help mold the land to the features of the new house design.

YouTube Links:

Project Stoneybrook Part 1:

Project Stoneybrook Part 2:

Project Stoneybrook Part 3:


Project caveat

Fairburn, GA

A new build residential project on an existing foundation slab and walls. The previous house had burned down and the new drawings needed to mimic the original house plans, which were no where to be found. We gathered everything we could from field measurements of the existing components to photos of other homes in the neighborhood that were similar to the original home and recreated plans that the contractor was able to follow for rebuilding. 


Project heritage way

Auburn, GA

This project needed a set of drawings for a building permit. A contractor had reached out needing drawings for a client's project consisting of an addition to their existing house.


Project chimney ridge

Conyers, GA

This project sought out to utilize the additional backyard space for a new build AirBNB house as well as amenities for both the owners and guests. 


Project stone lane

Woodford, VA

This is a new build residential project needing help with bringing ideas to life. Project requirements were shared along with size restraints according to client preferences. A completely new house design was created, modeled and rendered to allow the client to build from and also visualize how the spatial qualities would become in the end.


Project price residence

Conyers, GA

This is a new build barndominium project. We were given the overall size requirements and a sketch of what the client desired in the design. We took everything the client wanted and turned it into scaled drawings as well as a 3D model for visualization renderings.


Project arcadian

Myrtle Beach, SC

An investment property project located in a prime area of Myrtle Beach within walking distance from the beach. This property is intended to be used as a vacation home for the client as wells as AirBNB guests. It needed a redesign of the interior spaces and a new design of the exterior to create a warming front facade and a backyard of amenities for the family and guests to enjoy.


Project clairborne residence

Atlanta, GA

A project needing a scaled and dimensioned floor plan drawn of a portion of the house needing to be renovated. We visited the client's home, took field measurements and were able to turn around an as built floor plan in a couple of days. 


Project TUMMILLO residence

Lake Toxaway, NC

A lovely existing home within a golf club community needing renderings to showcase their renovations and how it would increase the value of the overall property. We created renderings of the renovated home and placed it in context with the existing golf club to get our client's project approved with their HOA.

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