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Every project is different and special to each client's requirements. We work hard to foster positive relationships with our clients and to ensure that we are transparent with expected timelines. This overview of the process will help you get a sense of how we will work together and have you involved in every step of the way.

                3D MODELING



Our process for rendering services always starts with 3D modeling. Creating the 3D model takes the most time and the complexity of the project will determine our turn around time. All of our renderings are 4K quality images and the number of renderings we provide are at our designers' discretion.
We charge a flat fee for our rendering / animation services and this covers a rendering package consisting of multiple rendered images from different angles and three complementary revisions.
1  // Client Coordination
  • ​Our first step is to have a coordination meeting with the client either through a phone call or a Zoom meeting. In this meeting, we go over everything that the client has to share with us, determine the client's wants and expectations and walk through the rest of the process.
2  // 3D Modeling
  • Once we have a clear direction for the project, we will get going on building the 3D model. This is where we create the site terrain, build up walls, windows, doors & roof, add furnishings to the model, add architectural details & hardscape and finally apply designated color codes that will be utilized by our rendering software.​
3  // Render Processing
  • After we have a fully built 3D model from top to bottom, we then move this model into our rendering software where we apply realistic finishes, add lighting effects (natural & artificial), and add entourage such as landscaping, people & cars. Once these items are added, we will then start gathering scenes within the model that will go through the rendering process. 
4  // Rendering Package Submission
  • At this final stage, we will have gotten all of the scenes rendered, applied finishing touches and compiled all of them into our stylish template. Everything will be converted into a PDF rendering package for the client to review. Upon request the client may obtain the original rendered images once the project is completed and will have all rights to use the images at their discretion.




Our process for architectural design & drafting service will vary based on each project requirement.
Space Planning
  • For space planning, we can either come out to your project site to gather field measurements or we can work with client provided dimensions. Once we have base parameters, we will be able to help design / plan out your desired space.
Pricing factor: If field measuring is required & size of building vs no field measuring required
On Site Field Measuring
  • The start of our field measuring consists of us scheduling a day to come out to the site to gather measurements of interior walls, windows and doors. The main objective for this service is to create a basic scaled floor plan of the existing building so that clients have a base drawing where they can think about what renovations are possible. 
Pricing factor: Size of space needing to be field measured
Non-Stamped Design Drawings
Our non-stamped design drawings are only for projects that do not require an architect's seal (typically residential interior renovations/additions or light commercial projects). Our design drawings adheres to current building and life safety codes with GA amendments. 
  1. Our non-stamped​ design drawings starts with an on site design consultation and field measuring so that we gather all of the client's desires and document the existing conditions.
  2. Once we have the client's list of requirements and field measurements, we start off by creating the base as built floor plan and then we implement the proposed design. 
  3. We then submit both the existing & proposed plans to the client for their review and request for changes. If the client approves of the proposed floor plan, then we will be able to move into the next steps of creating the entire set of architectural design drawings.
  4. After completing the drawing set, we will again submit to the client for a final review and request for changes. If everything is acceptable, the client may distribute the drawing set to contractors for pricing and to the city for their building permit.
  5. In some instances, the city may return the drawings with comments and request for changes, which is normal as each city has their own set of requirements. In this case, we can go in and perform the necessary revisions pertaining to our scope of work, as requested by the city.
  6. If necessary or required by the city, all other drawings pertaining to other trades such as civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing will involve additional costs to cover their respective fees as well as our coordination times.
Pricing factor: Size of project scope, amount of drawings required by the city, drawings required by other trades
Custom Home Design
Designing a custom home is an intimate process as we try to get to know the client on a personal level to see where the design of this custom home needs to go towards. We dive into gaining insights on the client's interests, hobbies, quirks, architectural tastes, and even superstitious beliefs. Work with us on your dream home design and 
  1. Our first step in designing a custom home is to have an initial coordination meeting with the client in person or through Zoom. This is where we go over everything the client would like the custom home to have (house size, # of beds, baths, etc...), site conditions/constraints, and what to expect on the outcome. 
  2. After our initial meeting, we get to work on creating multiple design plan layout iterations on our end to figure out the most efficient use of space. 
  3. Once we have a design that achieves all of the client's requested programs, we will submit the proposed floor plan layout to the client for review. 
  4. When we have approval from the client on a design layout, we will then move into creating the rest of the drawings associated. 
  5. (Optional - if opted) This step is for clients who opted in for 3D renderings with their custom home design. If the initial design layout is approved, we will move into working on the 3D model first instead of creating the rest of the drawings. By incorporating the 3D rendering service with the project, the client will be able to see their exact home modeled and to let us know if there is something they would like to add before we move into creating the drawing set.
  6. At the end, the client will have a set of design drawings ready to distribute to contractors for pricing, to the city for permitting and to other trades for their specific work. If the client opts in for 3D renderings, these will also be submitted to the client in a rendering package PDF and will have all rights to use them at their discretion.
Pricing factor: Flat fee based on size of project scope
CAD Drafting
  • Our process for CAD drafting will vary by project. Generally, our clients come to us with sketches, scans or images of floor plans and request them to be drawn to scale. Other clients have been businesses that have their own CAD standards and request our help to accomplish tasks to get them caught up. Any CAD drafting requests can typically be turned around within a couple of days. Feel free to let us know more about your project and we will be glad to create a custom process for you. 
Pricing factor: Hourly rate basis

architectural design & drafting

For further questions or pricing, please feel free to reach out to us!

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